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Premium oil G-Profi MSJ 5W-30 with improved ecological qualities is approved by MAN

Gazpromneft-Lubricants, a Gazprom Neft subsidiary specializing in lubricants production and sales, received the official approval of MAN Truck & Bus AG corporate group for the fully synthetic universal energy-efficient G-Profi premium oil MSJ 5W-30. This product is designed for modern HGVs and freight trucks of such models as MAN TGA, TGL, TGM, TGX, and also for the European, American and Asian vehicles (construction, agricultural, off-road) working under various conditions - from moderate to extreme.

G-Profi MSJ 5W-30 belongs to oils with Long Life service which means the extension of its replacement period to 60,000 km depending on exploitation conditions and the quality of fuel.

Developed with the modern Low SAPS technology and manufactured on Gazpromneft - Lubricants production site in Bari, Italy, this motor oil provides reliable protection of the emission reduction system and possesses energy-efficient qualities.

It is recommended to use the oil in high-load diesel engines meeting Euro-5 and Euro-6 ecological requirements. This product showed successful results in field testing MAN M 3677. The approval period is for two years.

G-Energy is a premium motor oils brand of Gazprom Neft. G-Energy motor oils are designed for the latest European, American, and Japanese passenger vehicles. The unique adaptive technology used in the motor oil provides enhanced performance characteristics depending on how the engine is used by activating the necessary additives as needed. Products are manufactured at Gazpromneft-Lubricants’ factories in Bari, Italy.

MAN Truck & Bus AG is one of the world's leading suppliers of HGVs and motor transport services. The company product range includes HGVs, city buses, intercity buses and tourist coaches (full options and bus chassis) and also maintenance services.

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