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The Rally Raid Russian Cup Web site G-Еnergy-Rally is online

Gazpromneft-Lubricants along with the Interregional Association of Rally Raid Athletes has created a new Web site G-Energy-Rally.ru devoted to the Rally Raid Russian Championship and the Rally Raid Russian Cup. G-Energy, a premium motor oil brand, is the title sponsor of these events in 2014 season.

The new Web site is created as part of Gazpromneft-Lubricants Company program to develop the Russian motor sports and test G-Energy oils under extreme rally raid conditions. In 2013 Gazpromneft-Lubricants was the first Russian company to develop and successfully introduce to the market a specialized line of premium oils G-Energy Racing for all types of sports engines.

The Web site http://g-energy-rally.ru/ is a simple and easy to use resource designed in modern style. The visitors can find the information they need on the past and future races and also a large number of photos and captivating videos of the Russian rally raids.

Besides, the Web site also contains information for rally raid fans who would like to take part in races as spectators or team members. The Interregional Association of Rally Raid Athletes is ready to organize test races and their first visits to motor races.

Alexander Trukhan, General Director of Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd., has noted that "We continue to improve communication channels in order to provide motorsport fans with access to all the information they need on rally raids. We also hope it will boost popularity of this sports discipline and attract new spectators and teams."


G–Energy is Gazprom Neft’s premium brand of motor oils. G-Energy motor oils are designed for the latest European, American, and Japanese passenger vehicles. The unique adaptive ACF technology used in G—Energy motor oil provides enhanced performance characteristics depending on how the engine is used by activating the necessary additives as needed. Products are manufactured at Gazpromneft-Lubricants’ factory in Bari, Italy. In 2013, Gazpromneft-Lubricants developed G–Energy Racing motor oil, which is a special product line for all types of sports and high-powered engines. These motor oils provide maximum protection against engine wear, and efficiently guard engine parts against the formation of deposits. They maintain their performance characteristics even under the peak load conditions that are typical for racing.

The Rally Raid Russian Championship and the Rally Raid Russian Cup are off-road racing competitions for the respective titles of the rally raid Champion and the rally raid Russian Cup holder in several scoring groups and for the absolute title.
Rally raids are motorsports events that take place both off-road and on roads used by the public. They include several Specialized Areas. The goal of each crew consisting of a pilot and the navigator is to cover Specialized Areas following the route defined in the roadbook (Legend) in minimum time with maximum speed, with obligatory check-in in the control points.

See the following sites for more information: http://www.gazpromneft–oil.ru, and also http://g-energy.org/, http://www.g–energy–rally.ru

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