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Gazpromneft-Lubricants, Ltd. has held the third international distributor's conference

In April, at the premises of Omsk Lubricants Production Plant (OLPP) the international distributors' conference has taken place that collected over 200 representatives of independent companies specializing in promotion of oils and service fluids branded G-Energy, G-Profi and "Gazpromneft", and also of neighbouring countries and countries far abroad.

Conferences for distributors are held yearly by Gazpromneft-Lubricants, Ltd. for summarizing and goal setting for future periods.

In 2013, the company has increased foreign sales by 10% with over 30% increase of premium-quality products' sales. These results have been achieved including due to expansion of distribution network - as of today, 116 companies accomplish marketing of products branded G-Energy, G-Profi and "Gazpromneft" abroad.

The partners of the company acquainted themselves with the package of marketing activities for 2014 that includes expansion of customer care and engineering services, dynamic advertising and marketing support, and also development of programs on promotion of premium-quality products.

This year's event at the OLPP territory has been dated for start of operation of the second phase of the most up-to-date in Russia and in Europe oil blending, packaging and packing complex. In the course of excursion to the factory, the participants got the opportunity to take a look at the enterprise-produced "Gazpromneft" and G-Energy oils' manufacturing technique.

For the first time ever, there have been invited to take part in the conference the representatives of Afton Chemical, technological partner and worldwide leader in production of lubricants' additives.

Mounting the conference, Alexander Trukhan, General Director of Gazpromneft-Lubricants, Ltd. noted: "Number of G-Energy and "Gazpromneft" motor oils distributors grows every year that indicates our products' perfect quality and profitable cooperation terms for the partners. Among the tasks for 2014 is working out of marketing offers for far-abroad countries and implementation of international distribution policy allowing to expand presence of our products worldwide. By 2020, over 50% of our output will be sold abroad".

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