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G-Force Motorsport’s Breakthrough at Dakar 2013

22 January, 2013 - G-Force Motorsport racing team being supported by Gazpromneft Lubricants and G-Energy Premium Oils brand made a good finish in Dakar 2013 Rally in Santiago. Vladimir Vasiliev and Boris Gadasin brought their crews through all the 14 stages of the 13th edition and finished 16th and 21st overall.

This year’s rally has become first Dakar event for Russia’s G-Force Motorsport team. In 2012 they won the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and now, having the strong backing of Gazpromneft Lubricants, came to fight for victory in the world’s premier marathon. Applaud the impressive newcomers! The Team showed stunning results in their first Dakar performance: several times they’ve been caught competing with the dozen strongest racers. G-Energy lubricants used both in the racing cars and assistance vehicles have successfully passed the live environment testing in the off-road and the desert.

In the first five stages, Boris Gadasin’s crew came ninth overall. But the team showed their best already in the tenth stage having arrived among the fastest ten racers: Boris Gadasin finished seventh, followed by Vladimir Vasiliev who was the eighth.

During the competition G-Force Team was steadily pursuing their goal – to get acquainted with Dakar track and make it to the finish. The crews of Boris Gadasin/Alexey Kuzmich and Vladimir Vasiliev/Vitaly Evtekhov just got it done and exceeded their own expectations. The Vladimir Vasiliev/Vitaly Evtekhov crew was awarded a special prize – Dakar 2013 Best Debut.

“It’s been a long way to Dakar. And at last our efforts brought us to where we are now. We have made it to the finish of the world’s famous rally. But the only vigor is not enough for Dakar. We appreciate our partners’ assistance, especially of Gazpromneft Lubricants that gave us a chance to be here. This is overwhelming! Nearly the whole team is here for the first time. No one could imagine what it'd be like. Dakar is a very difficult event for both the crew and service team. But we are happy to pass this test! We’ve got serious plans for 2013: taking part in all world’s and Russia’s major off-road rallies, including the Cross Country Rally World Cup and the Russian Championship. We will fight for top positions. Gazpromneft Lubricants and G-Energy Premium Engine Oils will support us throughout all the events of the year,” – says Boris Gadasin, driver and design engineer of the G-Force Proto cars.

In addition to daily inspection of the race cars, during the marathon G-Force Motorsport’s servicemen took samples of G-Energy engine and gear oils to be tested at Gazpromneft Lubricants’ laboratory. As part of the supplier’s lubricants extreme conditions testing program some engine parts will also be examined for wear rate.

We are happy that the beginning of our partnership with G-Force Motorsport Team has been marked with their successful performance in the most famous marathon rally of the world. And what makes us proud is that the team uses lubricants and special fluids by Gazpromneft Lubricants. G-Energy oils testing in G-Force Motorsport cars have started with Dakar. Eight of ten products from Gazpromneft Lubricants’ range were selected for the team’s cars. No doubt the testing results will help us improve our product line. However, looking at G-Force Motorsport’s achievement in Dakar 2013 we can be sure that G-Energy oils have met the challenge proving their high quality and excellent characteristics,” – says Alexander Trukhan, General Director, Gazpromneft Lubricants.

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