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Technical conference of the company “Gazpromneft - Lubricants” was held in Armenia

In Armenia, the company “Gazpromneft - Lubricants” held a technical conference for specialists of partner companies of the region. About 50 people participated in the event, for whom a variety of training courses on work in B2C and B2B segments were carried out.

Within the framework of the conference, at the largest enterprise in the country - Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine - there was held an on-site presentation of the products produced by “Gazpromneft - Lubricants” and training workshop on work with them. Supplies of oils, produced by the company, to the combine started at the beginning of this year, during the first four months more than 60 tons of products were dispatched. The assortment is a wide range of lubricants for mining equipment, including mining trucks BELAZ and Caterpillar.

Currently, the employees of the company “Gazpromneft - Lubricants” conduct technical tests at Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine in order to select products with the highest operational lifetime and the best quality characteristics.

The company’s development strategy implies building a strong international business. So, we deliberately put energy and resources into the creation of an effective system of cooperation with foreign partners, in the development of training programs and increasing of technical services, - marks Aleksandr Trukhan, Director General of “Gazpromneft - Lubricants”. - We do not just supply products produced at our high-technology factories in Russia, Italy and Serbia, and which have more than 250 approvals of leading equipment manufacturers, we provide consumers with a unique service that allows to increase run between repairs of equipment and increase their operating hours.

The company “Gazpromneft - Lubricants” (Gazpromneft-SM LTD) -
is a subsidiary enterprise of “Gazprom Neft”, specializing in the production and sales of oils, lubricants and technical liquids. It was established in November 2007. “Gazpromneft - Lubricants” has 5 production sites in Russia, Italy and Serbia. Total production volume is 500 thousand tons of high-quality oils, lubricants and technical liquids per year. In 2014, at the Omsk Lubricants Production Plant, the second phase of high-technology complex for blending, filling and packaging of engine oils was put into operation. This production, which is the most modern in Russia, is designed for output of 300 thousand tons of oils, lubricants and technical liquids. Management system of “Gazpromneft - Lubricants” and its production assets meet the requirements of international standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 16949 and OHSAS 18001. The company supplies its products to the Russian conveyors of Mercedes Benz Trucks Vostok, KZ ROSTSELMASH, DERWAYS JSC, KAMAZ, AVTOTOR (for Hyundai cars). The consumers of the industrial production of the company “Gazpromneft-Lubricants” are “Severstal”, “Sibur”, “Gazprom”, “Evraz”, MMK and other large industrial enterprises. The range includes 500 types of oils and lubricants for all sectors of the market (more than 1 000 commodity items). The company’s products have more than 250 approvals of leading equipment manufacturers: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo, Renault, General Motors, Caterpillar, MAN, Scania, KAMAZ, Bosch Rexroth and others. The company holds 14% of the market of lubricants in Russia, as well as it is working in the Mediterranean countries, the Balkans, Eastern and Northern Europe, CIS, Baltic States, Central and South-East Asia, Africa and others. In general, the company’s production is represented in more than 50 countries of the world.

Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine (established in 1958) - industrial enterprises in Armenia, operating ore of Kajaran copper molybdenum field. Reserves of ore at the combine is about 150 years. The combine produces molybdenum and copper concentrates. Molybdenum concentrate comprises 50% of molybdenum, the content of copper in copper concentrate is not less than 15%. Annual production of 120 thousand tons of copper concentrate and more than 10 thousand tons of molybdenum concentrate, which makes the enterprise the largest taxpayer in the country.

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