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«Extra-synthesis» promotion-action completed

The company “Gazpromneft-Lubricants”, Ltd. has successfully completed the all-Russian promotion-action "Extra-synthesis”, aimed at promoting «SibiMotor»oilsat retail stores. Over the past three months, every consumer who purchased the 4-liter can of semi-synthetic SibiMotor Extra 10W-40 motor oil, had the opportunity to receive a bonus in the form of one free semi-synthetic oil liter.The action was attended by over 500 retail sale stores - mainly auto spare parts stores - in 24 Russian cities, as well as over 300 oil and gas service stations of the OJSC “Gazpromneft” oil products distribution companies.

The promotion-action had several objectives: increasing the existing customers’ loyalty and attracting the new customers, increase the semi-synthetic oils sales, increase sales through the retail channel. As statistics has shown, 76% of retail sale stores that participated in the campaign began selling «SibiMotor» products less than 6 months ago, that is, immediately after the brand restyling, conducted in December, 2008. In parallel, the merchandising program was implemented, which resulted in «SibiMotor» products shelf space in promotional spots reaching an average of 11%.

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