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SibiMotorSuepr SJ/CF was approved by OJSC "ZМZ"

SibiMotor Super SAE 10W-40 API SJ/CF motor oil received an official approval by OJSC «ZМZ».

The motor oil has passed the full set of tests and is recommended for the use in ZMZ 4062.10, 40522.10, 40524.10, 409.10, 4091.10, 40904,210 engines, with the drainterm according to the instruction manual.

The OJSC "ZMZ" engines of theindicated models are mounted on the cars manufactured by the OJSC “GAZ” and the OJSC “UAZ", namely on the cars "Volga"31029, 31022, 3110, 310221, "Gazelle"(light load), “UAZ Patriot Sport", “UAZ Cargo”, etc.

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