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Gazpromneft lubricants ltd presents a new program for working with automobile dealers at the 4th road convention

Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd. has presented a renewed partnership work program at the 4th ROAD Convention of Automobile Dealers Association in 2016.

The comprehensive proposal of Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd for automobile dealers includes developing a long-term cooperation program aimed at retaining current and attracting new clients to dealer technical service stations, creating an individual plan for delivering G-Energy lubricants, maintaining attractive product prices, organizing technical training of service station staff, and holding joint marketing events.

The offer is based on the import replacement program, which has been implemented by Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd since the end of 2014.

The fourth ROAD convention was held on April 12-13, 2016 in the Expocenter Exhibition Complex in Moscow. The main forum of the industry got together some 2,000 participants - representatives of bodies of authority, automobile dealerships, carmakers, suppliers of equipment and services, etc.

“Many car dealers today have to do something about the customer outflow from their technical service stations. This can be explained by growing prices for imported spare parts and lubricants,” says ROAD President Vladimir Mozhenkov. “The community had to find an affordable solution without sacrificing the quality of official service. This is why we have selected G-Energy lubricants, which have been approved by leading car makers, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo, Renault, and General Motors.”

“We have long been fighting with the stereotype that anything made in Russia is of poor quality, while our products have always been in demand abroad. This situation allowed consumers to appreciate the quality of our lubricants,” said Deputy General Director for Sales Alexander Klimashin. “We seek to meet the needs of the Russian market by cooperating actively with large industrial giants and small technical service companies. This has become possible due to a large volume and broad assortment of the products, flexible service programs and highly qualified technical support.”

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