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MAZ-SPORTauto team supported by G-Energy engine oils the silver winner of The Dakar

MAZ-SPORTauto team supported by Gazpromneft-Lubricants and G-Energy engine oil brand won silver in the most famous rally-marathon of the planet – The 2018 Dakar Rally. It is the best result of a team since they took part at this prestigious competition.

The racing MAZ driven by the pilot and team’s leader Siarhei Viazovich took the second place in overall ranking by the result of 14 stages in truck classification. Of 44 trucks that started in Lima, only 24 crews have reached the finish line.

Throughout the race, MAZ-SPORTauto used in all its equipment the products of Gazpromneft-Lubricants. The technical specialists of the company accompanied the team at all stages, providing the monitoring of working oils in team’s vehicle by the mobile laboratory*. This year two parallel test programs were held in The Dakar: the monitoring of G-Energy Racing lubricants filled in the sports truck and performance monitoring of G-Profi products in cars of the technical support team.

The sports cars engines were topped up with G-Energy Racing 10W-60 engine oil, G-Profi MSI 10W-40 engine oil was filled in the engines of technical support vehicles, in the transmissions of all G-Truck GL-5 75W-140 (driving axles), G- Truck GL-5 75W-90 (gearbox and transfer case), in the hydraulic booster - G-Box Expert DX III, coolant - G-Energy Antifreeze SNF.

Siarhei Viazovich, MAZ-SPORTauto leader, pilot:
“Until the last kilometer we worried a lot, as we know cases when cars got off the last kilometers of the track. The tension was maximum but now we are immensely happy! This Dakar is the most complicated of all that I remember. The most impressive is that it is the anniversary race and the participants’ level was very high - more than 10 world’s strongest teams fought to be on the podium. When the stakes are high and the fight is on for the podium, the disposition is different – the mechanics have doubled the attention, every day the vehicle has passed the thorough inspection and assembly, so no bolt, no transactions failed. The equipment worked excellently, and G-Energy oils showed decent result. We withstood the onslaught of competitors and reached the finish line!”

Alexander Trukhan, General Director, Gazpromneft-Lubricants:
“Our congratulations to MAZ-SPORTauto with outstanding sports achievement! This is a team result based on serious work, including the work of the technical specialists of Gazpromneft-Lubricants. I am that our products have once again confirmed their high quality and ability to withstand the most difficult challenges!”

*Mobile laboratory - portable mobile complex, consisting of high-tech devices: IR-spectrometer and xRF- spectrometer xSort. The first of them estimates the degree of oil aging in comparison with fresh product sample. Measured values of these indicators allow diagnosing the state of engine systems and assessing the degree of product "aging". xRF spectrometer xSort shows the metal content in the working oil samples. Metals in oil are the products of parts wear, additive indicator elements, products of external pollution. The value of the measured parameters allows to diagnose the wear of engine parts, determine the presence of external impurities, evaluate the operational properties of the product. This year the mobile laboratory equipment has been replenished with a new device - portable viscometer, which allows to determine the contamination of engine oil with fuel or soot, which allows you to identify malfunctions in the engine power system. Gazpromтeft-Lubricants applies mobile laboratories not only for lubricant tests on race tracks. Similar complexes are used for working with motor transport enterprises, mining and processing plants, agricultural machinery, as well as partner dealer centers.

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