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G-Energy oils have passed the test on the Formula 1 race course in Hungary

Gazpromneft – Lubricants has tested its products for the first time on Hungaroring race track in Hungary. G-Energy Racing 15W-50 premium-class lubricants have been poured in racecars of Gender Racing Team participating in Formula Renault 2.0 competitions.

Samples have been taken on different days of the race: on the first day – on completion of all practice races, and on the second day after every contest round, each round being about 30 km.

The samples taken have been tested by the mobile laboratory using high-tech tools – infrared and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. The data have been subjected to real-time analysis and presented to the team pit crew. “The tests at the Hungarian race course were successful; our oils ensured stable operation of engines while retaining anti-wear properties and physic-chemical operating parameters. The team was among the leading competitors and took the second position on the victory podium. On the basis of the event results, the team pit crew confirmed that the race car engine is in proper technical condition,” says Roman Zimovets, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Strategic Development, Gaspromneft – Lubricants. “We test our products on various race tracks to see how our oils behave under extreme conditions. These are not just demonstrational tests but very serious work of our engineering division specialists who analyze all data obtained confirming permanently high quality of our products.”

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The mobile laboratory of Gazpromneft – Lubricants is a unique, compact complex that allows to perform the oil spectral analysis directly on a race track. The laboratory is equipped with two high-tech instruments: Fluid Scan IR spectrometer and xSort xRF spectrometer. The first of them evaluates the degree of oil ageing as compared to a fresh product sample. It measures the relative depletion of the additive package, base number decrease, determines the extent of product contamination with coolant, water and soot, determines the degree of the product nitration, oxidation and sulphatation. The measured values of these parameters make it possible to diagnose the condition of the engine systems and to estimate the degree of the product ageing. xSort xRF spectrometer shows metal content of working oil samples. Metals in oil are products of parts wear, additive indicator elements, external contamination products. The measured parameter values allow diagnostics of engine parts, determination of the presence of external contaminants, estimation of operating properties of the product. The mobile laboratories are used by Gazpromneft – Lubricants not only for lubricants testing on race tracks. Similar instrumental complexes are used for work with automobile operating companies, ore mining and processing works, agricultural machinery and partners’ dealing centres.

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