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Gazpromneft Lubricants Launches New G-Energy Racing – the Professional Oils Series

Gazpromneft Lubricants Launches New G-Energy Racing – the Professional Oils Series

Operating Gazprom Neft’s lubricants business, particularly automotive oils production and distribution, Gazpromneft Lubricants unveils its new G-Energy Racing oils range for use in professional racing cars. The racing oils released under the Premium G-Energy brand are manufactured at Gazpromneft Lubricants Italia S.P.A. (Bari).

G-Energy Racing oils are designed for gasoline and diesel engines in high-powered sports cars. Excellent high temperature properties of these oils deliver reliable protection against deposits and maintain the initial performance level under the highest loads. Friction modifier in combination with synthetic base oils reduces energy waste generating extra power essential for being the first to cross the finish line.

The range includes a series of engine and gear oils G-Energy Racing 15W-50, 20W-60, 10W-60 and G-Box Racing 75W-140. G-Energy Racing oils are formulated from synthetic base oils (polyalphaolefins) with polyesters and advanced additive system.
The oils are now being tested under extreme conditions of rallying, in the race cars of G-Force Motorsport Team partnered by Gazpromneft Lubricants. In cooperation with race car engineers the company is now aimed at improvement and development of new lubricants, and further mass marketing of G-Energy Racing Oils for passenger sports car owners.

The production of high-end lubricants is possible with the state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities, and close cooperation with motorsports teams. To design G-Energy Racing the Bari plant was additionally equipped with high precision low-tonnage blending unit.

The development of highly profitable R&D product is one of Gazpromneft Lubricants’ main priorities. In 2012, the company’s portfolio was widened 1.5 times: new products lines were introduced in the market including synthetic oils for commercial vehicles, marine oils and coolants.

“Gazpromneft Lubricants uses the leading lubricant production technology in Russia. Our company focuses its investment on the development of its own manufacturing sites that enable us to offer high-quality products meeting the most stringent standards and requirements of leading automotive OEMs. Designing oils for race cars has become a new challenging R&D project that proves high quality of our products. The launch of G-Energy Racing series of oils has become real with our long-term and successful business strategy. Fast widening of our Premium products range in 2012 came as the result of production facilities expansion and intensive promotion,” – says Alexander Trukhan, General Director, Gazpromneft Lubricants.

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G-Energy Racing is a fully synthetic oils range designed for use in professional race cars for various motorsports and high-powered engines of passenger sports cars. These oils are recommended for all kinds of sports engines – turbocharged or naturally aspirated ones, and all types of fuel injection systems, including direct injection. Thoroughly selected base oils (polyalphaolefins (PAO)) and polyester complex (POE) create high-load capacity oil film; provide maximum wear protection and oxidation resistance. Stable viscosity is retained throughout the drain interval under high temperatures, high loads and in presence of large amounts of products of incomplete fuel combustion that ingress in the oil during the race. G-Energy Racing oils contain friction modifier that reduces energy waste and generate extra power over entire load range. Piston and bore sealing withstands even the highest temperatures. The oils ensure stable oil feed pressure and low evaporation level that reduces oil burning.

For additional information please visit our website: http://www.gazpromneft-oil.com
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