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Home | Media Center | Thecompany “Gazpromneft-Lubricants”, Ltd.mastered the new generation hydraulic and reductor oils production

Thecompany “Gazpromneft-Lubricants”, Ltd.mastered the new generation hydraulic and reductor oils production

“Gazpromneft–Lubricants”, Ltd. began the commercial production of “GazpromneftHydraulic HLP”, “GazpromneftReductor ITA", “GazpromneftReductor CLP” oils.These products are intended for the use in modern industrial equipment, both domestic and foreign production. They are designed with the company AftonChemicalLtd participation, a leader in the industrial lubricants technologies. The new products meet the industrial oilsinternational quality standards, certified by a number of international specifications, including DIN, ISO, and can effectively be used for the import substitution ofthe western brands oils.

For their production at Omsk oil refinery plant the special production unit was designed and commissioned. Its uniqueness lies in the modern system of filters, including Pall company cassette filters with the filter element mesh size equal to 3 microns. This allowed providing the class 10 of purity for “GazpromneftHydraulic HLP” consignments, and for the special consignments parties – 8th grade of purity, which is fully consistent indicators of the best imported oil supplied to the Russian market.

The further confirmation of the new products high quality will be the results of work on the imported equipment manufacturers’ approval. “GazpromneftHydraulic HLR” and “GazpromneftReductorCLP” oilshave already been approved by the world-molding machines manufacturer – CincinnatiMachine. In the near future it is planned to obtain Denison, BosshRexroth, Eaton, DavidBrown and Flender approvals.

“GazpromneftHydraulic HLP”, “GazpromneftReductorITA", “GazpromneftReductorCLP” oils production start will allow the company “Gazpromneft-Lubricants” to enter the premium industrial products market, the major players of which, until recently, were import brands

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