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G-Family is First-Fill Oils for Heavy Machinery

Since February, 2012, G-Family oils have been used for the factory fill in А-98 Heavy Motor Grader produced by AiT (Chelyabinsk) and supplied to all the regions of Russia, including the Urals and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), to be operated under severe weather conditions. These machines are used in resource exploration and the construction of hard-accessible objects such as pipelines.

G-Family oils are approved by the manufacturers of all motor grader components. GR990 А-98 Heavy Motor Grader combines DZ-98 all-wheel drive system, ZF Ergopower 6WG210 hydromechanic transmission (ZF's approval of TE-ML03 lubricants), Deutz BF06M1013ECP engine (ECP – intercooler; water cooling system; increased capacity) with DQС-II lubricants approval. G-Family oils ensure trouble-free operation of all heavy machinery mechanisms: G-Profi MSI 10w-40 engine oil, G-Box ATF II oil for transmissions, Hydraulic HVLP 22 for fluid-power systems and G-Energy SNF for internal combustion engine cooling systems.

At present, warranty and post-warranty servicing program, including G-Family oil fill, is being launched for the convenience of all Russian companies operating motor graders.

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