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Gazpromneft oils for the main theater of the country

On September, 27, 2010 the company “Gazpromneft-Lubricants”, Ltd. delivered the first batch of GazpromneftHydraulic HLP 46 oil for the Bolshoi Theatre stage hydraulic system.

In March 2010, the company BoschRexroth announced a tender for the oil supply in the hydraulic system, manufactured specifically for the Bolshoi Theatre stage. The new hydraulic system is a unique group of German engineers’ development. Its oil tank is located at more than 20 meters depth and is located almost under the entire stage. Two stages (small and large) are managedby six special hydraulic mechanisms. Total oil tank fill volume is about 50 tons of hydraulic oil.

Both Russian and foreign lubricants manufacturers participated in the tender. The Company “Gazpromneft-Lubricants”, Ltd. won the tender for oil fill, offering a modern high-quality product, prompt delivery and high level of service.

Please note that GazpromneftHydraulic HLP series oils production was launched in April, 2009. For this type of oil production at Omsk oil refinery plant the special production unit was designed and commissioned, which is unique in the modern system of filters, including the Pall company cassette filters with a mesh size of the filter element equal to 3 microns. This allowed achieving the class 10 purityof GazpromneftHydraulic HLP product consignments, and for special consignments – 8thclass purity, which is fully consistent with the best imported oils indicators.

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