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Thecompany “Gazpromneft-Lubricants”, Ltd.and NIS concluded an agreement on the oil distribution

The company NIS and “Gazpromneft – Lubricants”, Ltd. - conclude the distribution agreement on the territory of Serbia and the Balkan region of new G-Energy oils producedby “Gazpromneft – Lubricants”, Ltd.

Due to the new oils sales along with its own NISOTEC brand the company NIS expects to take 8% of the lubricants market of Serbia until the end of 2010. The press conference devoted to the agreement conclusion was held on July, 28 at 12:00 in the company NIS press hall.
In April, 2010, the company “Gazpromneft – Lubricants”, Ltd. launched its new international motor oils brand - G-Energy. The brand presentation was held in Turin (Italy) in the brand visual concept developer office - the company Italdesign-Giugiaro, the world’s leader in the industrial design.

The new brand oils assortment includes synthetic and semi-synthetic oils intended for the last generation passenger car engines. G-Energy products also include a range of oils for the professional service - G-EnergyServiceLine. G-Energy brand is part of a new lubricants family, produced by the company “Gazpromneft –Lubricants”, Ltd.- G-Family.

In addition to the motor oils, G-Family includes a range of motor oils for the commercial vehicles G-Profi, a range of transmission oils for the passenger cars and commercial vehicles G-Box and G-Truck, oil product line for the small engines - G-Motion G-Wave, and a number of other specialized products.

NIS («NaftnaIndustrijaSrbije») - Serbia's national oil company, one of the largest in the South-Eastern Europe. The company is engaged in the oil refining and petroleum products marketing, produces hydrocarbons in the territory of Serbia and Angola. NIS company production volume is about 1 million tons of oil equivalent per year. NIS has its own distribution network (480 oil and gas stations and oil depots) is a leading supplier of petroleum products on the Serbian market. The company's turnover in 2008 amounted to about 4,7 billion dollars.

In the company NIS in December, 2009 it was decided to develop the lubricants business and their own NISOTEK brand. In January the strategy was confirmed and Lubricants Directorate started working. The Directorate plans in 2010 to sell 2400 tones of oils, over half of which will be sold in retail chains. In 2010, there will be developed a new product line that includes more than 100 titles across all segments of 8 packaging options.

For the first six months there were released 3 new products, the sales launched in the new sales channels. From April there began deliveries underthe direct contracts to 20 major companies of Serbia, in June the first distribution agreement was concluded, in May four tenders were won. The Directorate objectives for 2010 imply the active distribution network development and reaching more than 70 percent of Serbia's territory, supply the distributors in the former Yugoslavia countries.

NISOTEK brand is positioned in the middle price segment as a major potential leader in the region. Already in 2010, the company plans to conquer the 8% of the market in Serbia.

In connection with such a positioning and strengthening of the company NIS oil business there is a possibilityof the companysynergy with the company's main shareholder –OJSC Gazpromneft and a subsidiary company “Gazpromneft - Lubricants", Ltd. for the distribution purposes in the territory of Serbia and the Balkan region ofthe new brand - G-Energy. G-Energy positioning in the “premium” segment and its definition as a pan-European and global brand allows smoothly including this range proposal intoNISproduct range without any prejudice to its own brand NISOTEK sales. G-Energy salesat the same distribution channels will allow using the premium brand benefits such as: the presence of maximum number of approvals, popularity in Europe, advertising and marketing support. That will not only help to develop G-Energy distribution, but also to enter together with NISOTEKinto the premium sales channels.

Using the group of companies Gazpromneft business and the company NIS business synergy will provide additional competitive advantages, increase the efficiency and reach the leading position in the shortest possible time. Between the companies NISand “Gazpromneft – Lubricants”, Ltd.there is an agreement on G-Energy oils distribution in Serbia and the Balkan region, in connection with which the corresponding agreement was signed.

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