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Marketing communications and research play special role in lubricants business. In our industry, it is critical to be always ready to catch the wave of change – monitor the market demand, changes in industry specifications respond to price fluctuations; ensure the outreach of our product competitive advantages. Gazpromneft Lubricants' Marketing Division represents three departments to deal with three primary challenges of modern marketing:

Strategic Marketing
The Department conducts market research and determines the trends for each market segment; outlines product and brand positioning strategy; and draws up long-term development projects. It outpaces the competition through making offers that meet customers' needs and expectations.

Technical Support and Product Line Management
The Department develops product offer for promising market segments, extending the range of lubricants that comply with the latest specifications and approvals; carries out oil and grease trials and render overall technical support for their promotion.

Advertising & Communications
The Department provides the outreach for the competitive advantages of our products through building efficient advertising campaigns; it manages our brand portfolio, creates and implements the most creative and unforgettable advertising campaigns.

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