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Partnership with Gazpromneft companies Emergence of marine oil business promotes development of partnership programs with Gaspromneft companies.

Today it was successfully performed delivery to tankers of Gazpromneft Shipping, located in Rostov-on-Don, St.Petersburg and Novorossiysk ports. Gazpromneft-Lubricants supplies oils to a bunkering business operator of Gaspromneft - Gaspromneft Marine Bunker that hold leading positions at all main Russian marine and river ports and has a great number of clients - shipping companies.
Gazpromneft–Lubricants To Increase Marine Lubricants Sales in the first half of 2017
Gazpromneft–Lubricants, the Gazprom Neft oil business operator, has sold 7.4 thousand tons of marine lubricants in the first half of 2017, which is 7.5% more than at the same period of 2016. Thus, the company remains the leader of the Russian lubricants market for river and sea vessels.
Gazpromneft-Lubricants to increase Caspian Sea ports supplies
Gazpromneft-Lubricants, the Gazprom Neft oil business operator, has started delivering marine lubricants in the sea port of Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan.